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Belly of the Dragon

Belly Of The Dragon is about military personnel “detached” to the CIA and trained as agents. These “civilians” are to destroy a military objective, a jet engine factory deep in the heart of China. The real story emerges after the successful destruction of the target. Two men, of the nine who started, are alive. One, now suffering from a severe head wound, becomes part time brutishly insane, part time childish coward. Strong hatred on one side and deep resentment on the other seethes under the surface as the two must temporarily put aside their differences in order to survive the five hundred-mile trek to the coast. Both are wounded and sick, tall white men in a country of small yellow people. Stolen trucks, stolen motorcycles, and stolen boats are their modes of travel, always accompanied by their fear. Living off the land, they travel by night, in darkened vehicles on unknown roads and trails. Unable to steal enough food, even unable to keep themselves clean…


Vengeance of the Rain God

John Adams was just a con man until he was wrongly accused and convicted of bloody murder. When given the chance to escape, he takes it and goes on the run. He hitches a ride with a northbound trucker and leaves the southern coast, headed for Ohio. Once there, he finds an opportunity he never could have expected…


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